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New Technologies and Innovations laboratory GeoLab, was established in 2015. The training center, equipped with modern technologies, stands as a central component of this space. It provides an open opportunity for any interested individual to select and delve into a compelling modern profession of their choice:

  • Design
  • Web development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Game Development
  • Coding

Basic courses length is 2 months. focusing predominantly on acquiring practical skills. Towards the conclusion of the program, students work on their own projects and self-evaluate their newfound abilities.

Professional courses extend over a period of 4 months. During the initial 3 months, students delve into the intricacies of their chosen profession, receiving comprehensive instruction.The final month is dedicated to the development of individual projects under the guidance and supervision of their lecturers.

Students have the flexibility, both courses, either in-person at the physical location or online. to attend

Upon completing their studies and acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge, graduates are encouraged to embark on their first project with the guidance and support of mentors. This project serves as a platform to showcase their abilities and apply the skills they've gained.

In addition to education, GeoLab is actively involved in the development of various projects, spanning educational and social initiatives. We are committed to addressing gender-sensitive and environmental protection issues, reflecting our dedication to creating a positive impact beyond traditional educational endeavors.

GEOLAB GeoLab is deeply engaged in forging partnerships with both local and international organizations. GeoLab has created many digital educational resources, including "Learning with Play," developed in collaboration with UNICEF. This resource is utilized by teachers in the educational curriculum for first-grade students in Georgian schools, enhancing the learning experience and fostering innovative approaches to education. 

As a partner of the "Tbilisi World Book Capital", GeoLab has developed "Interactive Books." These books feature the works of 12 prominent Georgian children's writers and are accessible for free on iOS, Android, and desktop platforms. 

GeoLab proudly serves as a partner in the five-year "USAID Civic Education Program," specifically contributing expertise in tech components. 

GeoLab is also a partner of the TBC Tech School and develops educational programs. 

Our symbol is the owl, a bird that has been revered since ancient times as a symbol of wisdom and mindfulness.

We are available to meet with you on any working day

Anyone interested in technology is welcome to study with us.

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