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Mobile Programming

Mobile Programming iOS

Professional Course

Apple has been named as the world’s number one brand several times. The products of Apple, as well as its programs and mobile applications, are of very high quality and boast sophisticated designs. If you want to be a part of this brand and create different apps for iPhone or iPad, you must learn “Swift”. Apple first presented this programming language in January 2014. Although Swift is a relatively new language, numerous fully functional apps are based on Swift and Apple has high hopes for it. Supposedly, after a certain period of time Apple will quit using other programming languages and focus only on swift. Accordingly, if you want to create applications and programs for iPhone and iPad it is better to learn the programming language which is oriented on the future.

During the course, the students learn to create Swift codes with Xcode. They create mobile applications for iPhone and iPad, with the training materials prepared by their lecturers. GeoLab’s students are provided with Mac computers, and they can test their iOS applications with GeoLab’s iPhones and iPads. The course consists of several subjects and lasts 4 months. During the last month the students work on their own projects which are assigned by their lecturers.

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