4 Months

40 Meetings


Web Programming

Web Programming ASP.NET MVC

Professional Course

.NET is an official product of Microsoft, that’s why it has an excellent documentation which is constantly updated. It also has a big community. There are a lot of open resources in the internet about this programming language. While working on .NET you will have an opportunity to work with the best tool - Visual Studio. This expensive program is free for students. During the course you will use Microsoft’s free package - DreamSpark for Students.

During the course the students create websites based on the educational material provided by their lecturers. They learn how to code with C# and use existing snippets, functions, libraries and frameworks. The course consists of several subjects and lasts four months. During the last month the students work on their projects which are assigned by their lecturers.

ASP .NET MVC is one of the frameworks of the web application. It is used to set up web applications using MVC (Model View Controller): Model ( business layer) is the base of the application (for example, a database), View (display layer) is the interface, and Controller (input control) connects previous two.

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