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Web Programming

Web Programming PHP

Professional Course

PHP is the most popular language of programming. Today a big part of websites are based on this language, among them is the most popular social network - Facebook. PHP is useful for creating dynamic websites.

There are a lot of open resources in the internet where the basics of PHP are explained. It is also possible to find PHP “snippets” - pieces of the code. PHP developers often use prepared snippets which can be reworked and adapted. Despite the existing snippets, libraries and frameworks, a PHP developer writes the biggest part of the code himself/herself. It gives him/her an opportunity to optimally use the abilities of the PHP programming language.

During the course the students create websites based on the educational material which is provided by their lecturers. They learn how to write PHP scripts and use snippets, functions, libraries and frameworks as well. The course consists of several subjects and lasts four months. During the last month the students work on their projects which are assigned by their lecturers.

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