2 Months

14 Meetings


Web Programming

Web Programming Front End (HTML)

Short Course

There’s a stereotype that creating a website is practicable only for those who have a degree in computer sciences. However, as the time goes by, we are starting to see the opposite. More and more people with different professions learn programming, create various applications and websites. The development of technology has made it possible for people to realize their own ideas. If in the past we needed finances to turn an idea into an actual project, today any person has the opportunity to obtain the needed knowledge for the implementation of his/her own idea; for example, to learn and create a website for his/her company, to build an online store or create any other virtual online services.

During the course, the listeners learn the principles of operating a website, building a static website, making changes to the source code of an existent site and planning and managing the creation of a website. The course is practical and the students create simple web pages using HTML and CSS.

The course does not require any basic knowledge of programming and it is accessible for everyone.

Video Lessons