2 Months

12 Meetings



Programming and Logic

Short Course

The most part of the work, which was doing person in the past, nowadays is doing computer. In the computers’ era, computers are doing calculations instead of us. Supposedly, in what we need human help today, in future will take care computers. It’s a long time, courses of learning computers are useless, nowadays working with computer, computer programmes, human learns from childhood, at the same time with talking and walking. It’s a paradox, but when we talk about smart devices, often children know more than adults. But as usual, knowledge of children is not systemized and it’s more for having fun and playing. Instead it, if children interested in technologies, will study from the childhood principles of working with programme code. If this difficult learning process will be presented like funny game, the knowledge which they will get in childhood, will help them in solutions of difficult tasks and problems in future, despite their profession, which they will choose. The number of professions, in which knowledge of computer skills is not a necessary condition to start a job, decreases every year. In many authority sources, they openly talk, that working with programme code, will be one of the most important skills to get a job.

In programme code workshop children will study basics of programming and digital logic. Learning materials will be presented like Interactive game, as a Playground. During learning process, children will create themselves Various algorithms, to solve problems, which they will meet during Interactive game. They will code, during process. Commands which are used during coding is created by Apple, includes one of the most modern software languages swift,s syntax. Knowledge, children will get, will help them to develop an approach of working with programme languages and to learn with programming basics, basics of programme languages. Let’s go through new technologies and teach children programming, till it is funny game for them.