2 Months

14 Meetings



Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, SEO

Short Course

Today, when everyone strives for online visibility it is not enough to have a website or a social media channel to succeed...

Big companies are battling for the front positions in search engines. Social media platforms put more and more demands on advertisers and in total, if you aren’t skilled in SEO and digital advertising, you won’t win the digital war.

Because of the digital reality, the main tasks for advertisers is to deliver interesting information to a particular location in an optimal amount of time. During this course the students will learn to execute the aforesaid tasks: define what is relevant for a specific audience, find the places which will be comfortable for this audience, choose an optimal format of delivering the information, pay attention to details, analyze the received information and know all possibilities for winning the digital war - this is the main goal of teaching.


After the course students will know:

  • How to optimize websites for search engines
  • How to create effective landings
  • The importance and advantages of digital advertising
  • The major channels for digital advertising, their formats and capabilities
  • How to create ads on Facebook, control, analyze and optimize results
  • How to create ads in Google, control, analyze and optimize results