2 Months

14 Meetings



Video Editing

Short Course

Throughout history people have always searched for ways to convey all important information using images. A clear example of this, is the entire history of visual arts. There are a lot of paintings and sculptures which describe historical battles, important ceremonies and religious subjects. Humans also tried to create a moving images, but in the past this was impossible. Despite such desire, old visual messages were static. Accordingly, a huge number art masterpieces stand in one place.

Today it is possible to convey a message with moving images, to create video product. The human eye is so accustomed to videos, that it is very difficult to draw the attention with a static image. That’s why, different organizations and commercial companies spend a lot of resources to create short commercials and informative videos.

During this practical course the students learn how to record videos and to work with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier. They also learn sound recording and processing. During the course, the students will work on real projects and create video products themselves.