4 Months

40 Meetings


Mobile Programming

Mobile Programming ANDROID (Java)

Professional Course

Java is a programming language which is irreplaceable for Android, because it is considered to be a native language for Android OS. Accordingly, when we create an application using this language, it is possible to fully utilize all opportunities given by Android OS. As Google develops and supports this operating system, it is easy to connect the created applications with different Google services, for example, Google Maps. Thus if you decide to use Google Maps, you will be able to use lots of different services which are connected to this Google product.

In order to help Android developers, Google has created a special program - Android Studio. With Android Studio you can create applications not only for mobile devices but for other innovative products such as Pepper and Android Wear.

During the course students learn Java and Android Studio. They can test their applications on GeoLab’s smartphones, smartwatches and Pepper. The course consists of several subjects and lasts four months. During the last month students work on their projects which are assigned by their lecturers.

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